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Things to Know About State Tournament


Dress code requirements are established to add to the prestige and respect associated with the world’s most prominent amateur pool tournament. Your cooperation in wearing neat, clean apparel at all times during competition for the betterment of the sport is appreciated.
 Singles Competition Shirts & Hats • Men must wear sleeved shirt, T-shirt or polo style allowed, Tournament jersey type shirts will be allowed. •
 Women must wear sleeved shirts or blouses of polo style or Tshirt. Tournament jersey type shirts will be allowed. •
 Pants, Skirts, Dresses • Long pants are requested, either dress pants or neat, clean, UNTORN jeans. NO SAGGING PANTS/JEANS. • Shorts are allowed of conservative length, casual, denim, UNTORN and stay a conservative length when bent over or sitting down. • Women may wear dress pants, Capri-style pants, or neat, clean, UNTORN jeans. • Women may also wear culottes, skirts or sleeved dresses of conservative length. Absolutely no sweats, warm-up suits or jogging suits allowed. •
Hats and headgear may be worn as the item is designed. • NO EARBUDS ALLOWED Shoes •
Men and women must wear clean, neat, close-toed shoes at all times. • Should a player require a footwear exception for medical reasons, the player must provide a letter on official letterhead from the player’s health care provider before the tournament.
Team Competition
Team shirts are required for all teams during team competition. The Dress Code must meet the Singles Competition requirements. The Color and style of team shirt must be matching for all team members. This includes the front and back of shirts if they have a logo or monogram. Each member of a team must have their own team shirt/blouse. "Borrowing" the shirt of a teammate is not permitted. Matching shirts are preferred for Scotch Doubles teams, but not required. General The dress code will be in effect and enforced at all times when on the main tournament floor. This includes during all competition and practice, including mini-tournaments and special events. A player who attempts to compete or practice while not in dress code will be required by a referee to comply with the dress code before continuing to play or practice. Any player found in violation of the dress code will be given 15 minutes to correct the violation (during match play) and return to the match site. If not back in 15 minutes, the player will lose one game of the match, and will lose one additional game for each additional five minutes until he or she returns. A team captain may not substitute another player for a player found in violation of the dress code until after the player returns in proper attire.

 Players or teams may protest an opponent’s dress code ONLY before the match begins. All players must abide by the tournament dress code.

Referees are the final authority on dress code at all times. Referees may require immediate compliance or compliance at their discretion.

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