I will update as often as possible with New Entries as they come in!

Scotch Doubles Women's teams
A.Rodemyer/D.Ludwick Swamp Jumpers
C.Withrow/D.Owens Charlie's Angels
S.Sloan/C.Best Chalked & Loaded
D.Aldridge/P.Sexton Crown Jewels
B.Lewis/R.Caldwell Mountain Mom's Kicken Butt
T.Lovejoy/A.Marshall Ball Busters
T.Robertson/E.Dye The Six Pack
T.Blankenship/M.Dyer Men’s Teams
C.Evans/J.Ybarra No Ordinary Tea,
R.Collins/T.Featherly Slow Rollers
G.Lewis/K.Stiltner WV Longshots
T.Kelley/B.Lovejoy Coal Miners
J.Elkinks/S.Demarco Team Becue
C.Shepherd/M.Shepherd Belvin, the Beards & Bub
S.Riggs/L.Napier Full Send
J.Ward/C.Chapman 8 Ballers
E.Calvert/A.Whisner Bull Shooters
R.Parsons/L.Parsons Smokey's
C.Salmons/G.Sharpton Safety First
D.Moore/D.Douglas Last Minute
  Lucky 8's
  No Name
Who The  "F" Knows
Dead Pool
Men’s 8-Ball Singles Men’s 8-Ball Singles
Tracy Walker Jamie Stover
Alan Rodemyer Larry Layman
Dave Raber Tyrus Kelley
Tommy Bays Jonathan Jones
David Tackett Eddie Chapman
Steve Blankenship Rick Gilliam
Dale Leffingwell Mike Burton
Chris Withrow Henry Bacon
Joe Christian Henry Jamar Bacon
Steve Christian Scott Riggs
CJ Blankenship Rodnet Parsons
Freddie Fugate Matt Cook
Jack Elkins Eric McGuire
Calvin Gulley Mike Patton
Adam Wolford Dustin Booth
Bobby Bradley Chris Shepherd
Jason Dunlap Jack Pritt
Brian Fetty Tony McCumbers
Ed Scarberry Nick Shepherd
Tim Blanton Tony Lovejoy
Jonathan Thompson Mike Cantrell
Shaun Salyers Shawn Sloan
Duck Moore Joe Ward
Gene Meade
Women’s 9-ball singles Men’s 9-ball Singles
Deidre Ludwick Danny Pine
Samantha Patton Shawn Miller
Alex Marshall Brandon Frazier
  Keith Young
  Chris Salmons
  Dave Robertson
Women’s 8 Singles Women’s 8 Singles
Sandy Raber Rhonda Elkins
Dawn Owens Michelle Dyer
Lynn Parsons Mitsy Shepherd
Shonna Hess Brooklin LoveJoy
Michelle Hess Gwen Sharpton
Candice Dye Valerie Jones
Carol Kiser Alicia Whisner
Kristi Ramsey Crystal Chapman
Amy Aston Debbie Douglas

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